Runner's Knee

The Runner’s knee is an overload and inflammation in the long tendon which runs along the outside of the thigh from the pelvis and attaches just below the knee. It mainly affects runners, and is common among both joggers and top-level sportsmen and women. Read more about the symptoms, possible causes and treatment here.


  • Pain during running, particularly after a couple of kilometres (other activities such as ball games do not cause these symptoms as frequently)
  • Tenderness on the outside of the leg, a few centimetres above the knee


  • Rapid increase in the amount of exercise done
  • Stiff, tense muscles in the thighs and hips
  • Poor footwear
  • Lopsided running on sloping ground, e.g. the edge of a road


  • Correct anything which may trigger the symptoms (both external and internal factors)
  • Alternative training such as cycling, Wet-vest running in a pool
  • Gradual increase in running training
  • Stretching of tense muscles
  • Choosing the right shoes