In the martial art of Judo, the principle of maximum effect with a minimum of required effort applies. In addition to the actual physical fitness, the exercise is also associated with a philosophy of life in which one's own personality development is in the foreground. This attitude of inner balance can be found in every movement during the execution of the sport. Judo is a so-called duel sport. The main goal is to throw the opponent on his back by means of a certain technique consisting of strength and speed. In professional training, besides the traditional judo suit, additional judo bandages protect against possible sports injuries.

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Currently, judo is enjoying a growing fan base. The International Judo Federation is always striving to intensify the representation of the sport in the media and make it more interesting. This also affects the style of judo. The fighting style, which is actually defensive, has become more offensive in recent years in order to generate more interest among the public - even though this actually contradicts the original philosophy of judo. A continuous defensive attitude of both judoka should therefore be avoided in the competition. This is associated with a basic combative attitude, which also increases the risk of injury. Beginners in particular must therefore protect themselves from overstraining and injury by using the appropriate equipment. Judo is very popular with all age groups today. The targeted build-up of muscles prevents painful overloading of the joints. Professional training is therefore a top priority.

More safety with custom-fit judo bandages - protection for your feet, fingers, knees and elbows

Physical contact forms an inevitable part of any martial art. Appropriate clothing protects you from serious sports injuries. However, there are various sports bandages that offer you additional protection against injuries in judo and, above all, prevent overloading your joints. Especially the feet, fingers, knees and elbows are exposed to an increased risk of injury in judo. Both the careless movement of the training partner can be the trigger for a sports injury, as well as the continuous load during regular training. This can lead to moderate to severe pain due to overstraining. Wearing high-quality judo bandages is therefore highly recommended. Especially the feet, an overstrained ankle joint, the fingers that are compressed or overstrained when grabbing, or bruised and twisted knees and elbows can be well protected by sports bandages. With the security of a stable posture, the athlete can act more freely and direct full concentration to his actions without constantly fearing a sports injury. Whether a bandage for the ankle or a cracked ankle, whether finger bandages, a knee bandage or an elbow bandage - they can help you continue to participate in training despite minor injuries. The Judo bandages are put on precisely according to the instructions provided for this purpose. Of course, there are also different models. However, the correct fit is always important. Therefore, when buying should always pay attention to the correct size. An optimal judo bandage should be neither too tight nor too loose. If it is too tight, it can cut off blood circulation. If it is too loose, it will slip and hinder the judoka during training. But if it is properly fitted, it will be a great help for your training. Our size charts on the respective product or especially for the knees our knee support guide will help you.