Product care

Take care of your rehbands and they will love you back!

We are extremely proud of the high durability that our products represent. In this article you’ll learn how to care for your Rehband products to keep them in top shape throughout their lifetime. Follow our easy product care recommendations and you’ll be surprised of the number of years your product will last.

A key function is warmth

Rehband supports are comprised of an extremely durable and heat-generating rubber material. The key function of warmth in Rehband supports is to protect muscles, joints and soft tissue from injury. The insulation properties of the material retain body heat gained from physical activity, but simply wearing the supports will offer the warming benefits. The increased blood circulation and muscle function generated by the muscle and joint warmth enable a higher performance.

Work out. Wash. Repeat.

Physical activity increases body temperature and generates sweat. Nothing new there. All athletes that have used a knee sleeve are familiar with the warming sensation, and the sweat dripping sleeves when the workout is completed. But don’t you worry, sweaty knee sleeves are not equal smelly knee sleeves. Taking care of your Rehband product and getting them back to their pre-workout condition can be done in a few simple steps.


Let them dry inside out when you take them off after the workout (don’t leave them for hours in your gym bag).


Throw them in the washing machine with your regular laundry, preferably similar colours. Wash them in the 40°C/warm program. Laundry bag recommended, but not required.


Gently stretch and simply flat dry at room temperature.

In extreme cases, when the smell won’t disappear (and you’ve followed the regular washing instructions already), try placing the sleeves in the freezer in a Ziploc bag overnight. This will help to kill accumulated bacteria which is often the source of persistent odour.


We’ve heard a lot of stories of creative solutions to get rid of the smell throughout the years. To put an end to this we’ve gathered some tips of what not to do:

  • Your Rehbands are not to be put in the dryer. High heat will destroy the integrity of the material and stitching. This will also melt the logos on the product.
  • Do not boil your knee sleeves for the same reasons as above. Trust us, we’ve seen this many times. Machine wash is enough to get the smell away.


The OCR athlete Ryan Kent says that...

I’ve never boiled them or put them in the freezer, but I definitely throw them in the washer at least once every week or two. I sweat so much in general, but the heat and humidity here in South Carolina takes the sweaty-ness to another level. I mean, those bad boys are soaked after a really good workout. (But they’re designed to get wet). And I typically just toss them in with my other laundry."

When asked about the smelliest they’ve ever been, he answers:

"I had a pair sit in my trunk for a few weeks and the odour eventually made its way through the trunk and into my car. I don’t know if I just got used to it, but it actually didn’t bother me too much. It wasn’t until ppl (aka my girlfriend) refused to get in my car that I felt obligated to take them out."

Functional Fitness legend Annie Thorisdottir has used Rehband sleeves for many years. This is how she takes care of them:

“There is no problem just putting the knee sleeves in the washer. I wash mine about once a week and then I just throw them in with my training gear. Might put on a little bit longer program for that wash but they come out looking great and smelling good. I just let them dry standing up. You sweat in them same as your training gear so they need to be treated similar.”