Field hockey is a sport that is fast, intense and requires a lot of physical contact. The right support and protection are essential to prevent injuries and pain during the game. With Rehband's selection of products, you can enhance your hockey performance. Our hockey sports supports and compression garments provide warmth, compression and support for the entire body.

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sports Supports for hockey

A field hockey support is one of the most common means of preventing sports injuries. However, it is also used in case of already existing physical trauma, so that you can continue to be active in sports without putting your health in danger even more. In case of existing sports injury, the sports sleeve supports the damaged muscles and tendons. Due to the stabilizing function of the sports support, they do not stretch as easily and further injuries are prevented. Thus, one spares the part of the body affected by the injury to prevent further damage.

The hockey Sports Support for the prevention of sports injuries

When it comes to prevention, the field hockey brace serves to protect the parts of the body that are prone to injury. The most common injuries in ice hockey, field field hockey or even indoor field hockey are the knee injury and the ankle injury, followed by injuries to the shin. Preventively protecting these body parts from damage with sports supports is definitely recommended. The use of a sports support additionally improves proprioception - that is, the athlete's perception of his own body and its movements. This can greatly reduce the risk of damage to muscles and tendons.