Badminton is played with a shuttlecock, but as a sport it goes beyond the recreational game of badminton. Badminton demands a high degree of coordination and reaction. The fastest reflexes are required and the movements are also often performed in a jerky manner. Often, due to the speed and flexibility in the game, the athlete does not have the opportunity to align and position his body optimally for the movement sequences. The joint areas are therefore exposed to a great deal of stress. Sometimes overuse leads to chronic irritation or inflammation of the joint. Unfortunately, more serious sports injuries cannot always be avoided.

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After a Sports injury Badminton sports Supports can help

Despite a sports injury, you do not have to give up the fun of playing thanks to a badminton sports support, because the regeneration of the musculoskeletal system can be promoted and accelerated. The support can be used as an aid in therapy and rehabilitation, but it can also be used for minor complaints as a prophylactic measure to protect against serious injuries. It provides compression on the injured joint or muscle area and promotes blood circulation. At the same time, it supports and activates surrounding muscles. For special skin tolerance, it is equipped with breathable material - often with a high neoprene content.

There is a suitable sports support for each of the typical sports injuries in badminton:

  • Wrist Badminton Sports Support: The wrists and thumbs are permanently stressed by holding the racket. A resulting injury in the area of the ligaments, the thumb saddle or the tendon sheath can already be treated by wearing a cuff. Depending on the symptoms, the bandage is available for the wrist alone, or also with the inclusion of support for the thumb saddle.
  • Elbow Badminton Sports Support: A chronic overuse injury is the so-called "tennis elbow" which can be alleviated with a sports support. Many elbow supports feature stabilizing splints and gel pads at the elbow joint to help induce proper range of motion. The gel pads also help relieve pressure on the joint and massage the surrounding tissues for better circulation. Another form of brace exerts targeted compression on a tendon at the elbow, but is not fixed to the elbow itself, but just below the elbow on the forearm with a Velcro strap.
  • Shoulder Badminton Sports Support: This support provides high protection and heat function after sports injury. It restricts harmful movements of the shoulder while exerting light pressure on the shoulder. It holds and supports the joint at the same time. The badminton sports support can be perfectly adjusted to the shoulder and is fastened with adjustable straps across the shoulder and chest. It can be worn during all activities.
  • Knee Sports Supports for Badminton: This aid serves as a support for the mobility of the knee joint. It is often used after a sports injury with joint and outer splints, making it suitable as a support against bending away. However, this sports brace is also available in flexible material such as neoprene, which provides stability and compression but does not restrict movement. The knee joint is held and supported by the supports in its natural course of movement.
  • Ankle Brace for Badminton: The ankle brace provides good stability due to a lateral reinforcement with partially inelastic areas; buckling away is prevented. It encloses the longitudinal arch, ankle joint and Achilles tendon, as well as part of the calf and shin. The sports support is not very bulky and can be worn in many shoes. The lightweight and breathable material is washable. This sports brace is also available without reinforcement made of neoprene or similar materials, which is suitable for lighter injuries, or after a cured injury gives the ankle joint more stability and security through light compression.