Winter sports

For winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and ice skating, the right support and clothing can protect the body. Sports Supports and compression wear provide compression and warmth to keep the body flexible and supple. Our products are designed to provide protective support in the event of an accident. They can prevent injuries by keeping joints and muscles stable. So you can enjoy your time on the slopes or on the ice to the fullest.

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Sports supports in winter sports, ski and snowboard

Injuries to the joints and ligament structures can occur due to slope conditions, fall situations and overuse of the body during recreational fun in the snow and also during performance-oriented winter sports. Typical injuries in skiing and snowboarding are found in the knee area. Ligament strains, ligament injuries, meniscus damage, cruciate ligament tears and injuries to the bony structures occur most frequently. Knee supports for skiing and snowboarding help prevent serious injuries. They stabilize the knee joint, warm it and, due to their stabilizing effect, give a feeling of safety in the joint during stress.

In recent years, the number of injuries to the back and wrist has also risen sharply. Especially due to fall situations while skiing and snowboarding, injuries in the area of the back and the hand occur.

Winter sports Supports injury prevention

To prevent the above injuries, you can use special sports supports. Fall situations and uncontrolled falls can be mitigated and often serious injuries are avoided.