Squash sports supports are quickly applied and are now widely used. Many athletes have recognized the great benefit of sports sleeves. Especially in such a dynamic backstroke game as squash, a sports support can have a high preventive effect. It can protect you from overloading the joints and tendons caused by abrupt stopping, many changes of direction, jumps or fast kicking, for example - the ankle and Achilles tendon are particularly at risk of injury here. So you can also use an ankle brace preventively to avoid these sports injuries. Ankle supports are often hardly noticeable and can be easily worn in sports shoes. The high-quality joint supports help your joints, muscles and ligaments by means of compression to more stability and can support you in your sport.

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High quality sports Supports for squash players

In squash, your hand holding the racket is also exposed to a particular risk. Perhaps it has happened to you in the heat of the moment that you hit the hall floor or the hall wall with your hitting hand. In the worst case, this can break your metacarpal bone. Mostly it comes to bruises and sprains. The same is true if you collide with your match opponent, get hit by the ball or even by your teammate's racket. And in the end, your knee joints will also be stressed by the abrupt stopping movements and rapid changes of direction. That's why we recommend a sports brace BEFORE you injure yourself. This will not only prevent long recovery times after an injury, but above all you will do something good for your body and, in the best case, you will still be able to pursue your favorite sport many years from now, while others are already lying on the sofa with old-age aches and pains.

A squash Sports Support for the wrist

For squash players, supports for the wrists are particularly helpful because this joint is subjected to enormous stress during play. The excellent material properties of wrist supports, depending on the compression strength, allow for minimal restriction in movement with maximum possible stabilization. In addition, they store the heat on your wrist and are at the same time breathable.

A squash Sports Support for the ankle

You already know that squash players have an increased risk of ankle injury. The ligament and capsule apparatus of the ankle can be injured not only by twisting an ankle in this dynamic sport, but also by abrupt changes in direction, an uncontrolled jump or an awkward touchdown. In order for injuries such as torn ligaments and stretched ligaments to heal ideally, special ankle supports are recommended, which should also be worn at night. The materials are not only breathable but also comfortable to wear. Squashers who choose an ankle brace prevent the foot from twisting painfully. So, you can also use this sports bandage as a prevention against an injury to the ankle or foot. Rehband bandages are characterized by both excellent fit and slim design. Although the bandages are comfortably padded, they fit into almost any sports shoe. So there's nothing to stop you from wearing an ankle brace during your next workout.

A squash Sports Supports for the knees

The reason why hardly any other joint is affected by injuries as frequently as the knee is the free structure of the knee joint. Pain due to cartilage damage, meniscus injuries, torn ligaments, injuries to the tendons and the kneecap can be alleviated and ideally even prevented with a knee brace. Rehband supports can have a prophylactic function on the one hand, and a therapeutic function on the other. The knee joint is supported thanks to the sports bandage, incorrect loads are corrected and swellings go down thanks to the compression on the knee. By wearing a knee brace while playing squash, you can minimize existing pain or prevent it from occurring in the first place.

A squash Sports Support for the back

Ever had back pain, but don't want to give up your workout? A back brace can possibly help you in such a situation. In case of a muscular problem, it will help you with both its supporting and warming function. The lumbar spine is stabilized and thanks to the ergonomic shape and the innovative breathable material a high wearing comfort is given. Your musculoskeletal system is relieved and your muscles can relax. So you can relieve painful tension. Because if there's one thing that helps with back pain, it's exercise. However, if you have severe pain that does not get better with heat and exercise, you should definitely see a doctor you trust.

A squash Sports Support for "tennis elbow"

The so-called "tennis elbow" is not only caused by constant movements, but also by technically incorrect movements or simply by overstraining. If you know these typical pain symptoms, you can get relief with a specially developed tennis elbow brace or elbow support. This sports brace will help you recover by applying pressure to the painful area and both storing and releasing heat. Thanks to the compression of the support, blood circulation is improved and the removal of lymph fluid is stimulated. Thus, waste products can be removed more quickly and the pain decreases.

By the way: If you don't like sports supports, you can also treat many squash injuries with tape.