Enhance your performance during fitness training and competition with proper training support and effective functional clothing. Rehband offers products such as ankle supports, back supports, wrist supports and knee supports that provide strong protection and relief from possible pain during activities like fitness that place high demands on strength, endurance and flexibility.

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Fitness Sports Supports protect the body

During fitness training, functional training and workouts, there are very often high moments of stress on the joints and muscles. Often, especially in early training phases, exhaustion situations of the body occur. These are often muscular problems, strains or joint problems. Fitness bandages are ideally suited to prevent these injury patterns or to treat them efficiently after they occur. Due to their construction and mode of action, bandages for fitness are ideally suited for sports. Through targeted heat and compression, the products support the muscles and joints. Muscle strains and joint instabilities can thus be avoided and injuries during fitness training can be minimized by using sports supports.

Sports Supports for fitness training and intensive workouts

You will achieve very good effects with the Rehband RX series specially designed for fitness training (e.g. RX Knee Sleeve). These high-quality 3D neoprene supports ideally support your muscles. Due to their very good workmanship, they do not wear out and do not restrict your movements. Through the use of these "Fitness Supports", targeted compression and heat is applied to the stressed body regions and injuries can be avoided. You will feel the positive effect of these sports bandages very quickly and will be thrilled. Especially for intensive workouts and training sessions, these products are highly recommended. If you need help deciding on the right knee support, you can find information in our knee support guide.