The so-called golfer's elbow is one of the most common injuries in golf. It is an inflammation of the tendon on the inside of the elbow. A sports support can help prevent overuse of the elbow. It relieves the stressed structures, stabilizes and warms. In this way, pain can be relieved and overuse can be prevented. But other supports such as for the back, knees, feet and arms are also ideal for golf.

Golf Sports Supports provide Stability and prevent injuries

Very often, injuries occur due to constant and recurring movement patterns when playing golf. The torso muscles, the elbow joint and the shoulder joint are particularly affected. The first symptoms of overuse are mild to moderate pain. These occur mainly in the muscular area and in the joint regions.

The cause of a sports injury in golf or other outdoor sports can also be the weather. Especially in the transitional seasons (spring and fall), weather conditions play a decisive role. In combination with a not properly executed warm-up program, strains in the area of the thigh, calf and trunk muscles are pre-programmed. The use of special bandages in golf can prevent these injuries.

Sports supports, which are particularly suitable for golf, are often made of neoprene and offer a very good warming effect. Due to additional compression properties, blood circulation is promoted and the golf supports can have a performance-enhancing effect. Both with regard to the prevention of injuries, as well as for the accompanying therapy, sports supports are ideally suited for golfing.

For which body regions are golf Sports Supports well suited?

Sports supports for golf are available for almost all body regions and injuries. We have tried to give you a good overview of the respective products and have classified the supports for golf according to the respective body regions. If this classification is not sufficient for a direct product selection, we are of course available to answer your questions about golf injuries and sports supports for golf. If the information is not sufficient for you, or your indication is not exactly known, we recommend a visit to an experienced doctor of your confidence.