Protection and support play an important role in a contact sport like handball, where the entire body works at an extremely high level. Our knee supports with shock absorbers, sturdy ankle supports and comfortable shoulder protection are just a few products designed specifically for handball. Along with the right warm-up program, they can help prevent in-game injuries and relieve pain. Learn more about the 11 most common handball injuries here.

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sports Supports for handball

Injuries in handball very often occur in the following joints: Ankle joint, knee joint, elbow joint and shoulder joint. During training and games, quick changes of direction, stops, contact situations with opponents, as well as grips in the throwing arm cause prolonged injury situations for the handball player, which are associated with pain.

Ideally, one tries to protect the joint and ligament structures during sports. Certainly, the proper warm-up program is a critical factor in preventing injuries. However, additional support can be provided by sports supports that protect the body and joints to prevent injuries.

Which sports Supports are suitable for handball?

When choosing sports supports you should not choose one model at first sight. Although many handball supports look similar, they differ very clearly just in quality, material, fit and workmanship. When choosing the right ankle supports, calf sleeves, knee sleeves, back supports, elbow sleeves and shoulder supports, you should pay special attention to the fit. Sports supports that do not fit perfectly slip and therefore do not provide the desired compression on the affected joint. The effect of the supports can then not be fully achieved. Quality is also an important factor when buying. Material selection, workmanship and design are essential components that you should include in your purchase decision.