Those who play rugby must not be squeamish, because this sport demands a lot from the players. When fighting for the rugby ball, full contact is required for scrums and tackles. Rehband sports supports can help you avoid injuries or heal an injury faster. For example, the QD Ankle Support or the UD Patella Stabilizing Knee Brace provides stability, warmth and compression for your knee or ankle. The Rehband Compression Shirts and Compression Shorts or Compression Sleeves, on the other hand, can not only protect you from injuries and provide you with warmth, but they can also help you perform better as they can relieve irritation and swelling and improve your muscle coordination.

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sports Supports in rugby for injuries and recovery

Sports supports in rugby sports should protect against injuries and support the rugby player in the recovery process after a sports injury. Especially in the field of contact sports, injuries to the ligamentous apparatus, joints and muscular injuries occur very frequently. Very often ankle supports, knee supports, back supports, elbow supports or shoulder supports can help. These supports have stabilizing properties and protect your joints from injuries.

Quick return after sports injuries through the use of sports Supports

Rugby sports supports can help you get back into the game and training more quickly after injury. Due to their warming, compressing and performance-enhancing properties, they can support you during your rehabilitation period. A sports brace can not only strengthen you physically, but also mentally and give you a much greater sense of security due to its stabilizing effect, especially after severe injuries. Training and game situations are often easier to control and lead you more purposefully to your performance optimum.

At Rehband you will find a wide range of supports, sports protection articles and sportswear that are highly recommended for rugby. In addition to the classic supports and orthotics, you will also find protective sportswear and functional clothing that protects and supports you during your sport.