When boxing you need a large repertoire of training equipment. Probably the most important is the boxing bandages and boxing gloves, as well as mouthguard and groin protector. However, other sports bandages can also support you during training and protect you from injuries. For example, if you already have an instability in the knee joint or ankle joint or a strain in the thigh, Rehband knee bandages, ankle bandages or thigh bandages can help you. The Rehband RX series is predestined for this. The RX Knee Sleeves, for example, give your knee more stability through compression, but do not restrict your movement. This and the special fit, which protects you from uncomfortable pressure points, distinguish Rehband sports supports. If you also train your fitness during strength training in addition to sparring, our back supports and wrist supports should also be interesting for you.

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Safety first

Safety in boxing plays an important role and properly tied bandages effectively protect you from most boxing training injuries. Training on a punching bag is an enormous strain on the entire hand. Especially the knuckles need special protection, because they are the direct impact point. But also the wrists are strained very much. Especially as a beginner in boxing and martial arts, your hand position is often not correct when hitting the fist. The reason for this is that this kind of stress is completely new for your wrists. Therefore, it is even more important to stabilize them sufficiently with a bandage or sports tape. Use bandages and tape for your training from the beginning, because they protect you from pain and frustration during training. Incorrect stabilization, or perhaps even no stabilization at all, often leads to irreparable damage in the joints, which not only limits you in training. Many everyday movements then become a torment. Bandages and tapes are, however, not only in boxing hardly imaginable without. They are used in many martial arts that include punching techniques, such as kickboxing, Thai boxing or mixed martial arts (MMA).

Boxing bandages - hygiene during training

If you train hard, you also sweat, especially when boxing. And there boxing bandages also help out. Boxing gloves have a decisive disadvantage: they are very difficult to wash from the inside. If you sweat a lot and don't use bandages, an unpleasant odor results after a short time, which is difficult or impossible to remove. This is also an additional burden for the skin. If you use bandages for boxing, they catch most of your sweat and thus protect the inner lining of your boxing gloves. The bandages can then be washed normally in the washing machine. This extends the life of your boxing gloves many times over.

Conclusion: protection through boxing bandages

Boxing is an effective way to strengthen stamina and power. Training the punching and movement techniques also trains reaction and agility. Therefore, boxing is one of the most popular sports, where you also quickly reduce weight and build up a tremendous fitness. Are you currently planning to expand your training with boxing, or have you just done so? Then some sports bandages or tape (sports tape) for your workout should be on your shopping list. Protect your finger joints, wrists, knees and ankles from injury and maximize your training success! Enable your full potential!